Information On Uber VS. Lyft

The transportation industry is indeed changing at a faster pace, thanks to companies like uber and Lyft that have redefined the whole concept of ridesharing. Although a taxi service gives you the freedom to work at your own pace charging in accordance with your wishes and desires depending upon what state or country you might be from, Uber and Lyft and similar other companies give a whole new definition ridesharing.

Just to quickly highlight the similarities and differences between Uber vs Lyft, you need to understand that both of them work in similar ways as drivers are reimbursed through a revenue sharing system. They both offer good quality vehicles so passengers looking for a ride from one point to another are charged almost similar fares. The difference comes in how much of a share the drivers could get from such a partnership. This is where you will find lyft being better than Uber.

So in short as a passenger it may not make any difference to you whether you go for Uber or Lyft but as a driver if pay is more important to you then you will find lyft to be a better option given that apart from a better percentage from the pay, you would also be able to benefit from the tipping system. This is the reason Lyft drivers tend to be a lot more caring and happy due to the amount of pay that they get.