Phoenix Resurrection Dark Angel review


            Phoenix Resurrection Dark Angel  • Kia Asamiya • Image (2000) • Enterbrain (2001–2002) • 4 issues • Fantasy, Action • Unrated/13+ (violence)

            A retelling of Dark Angel drawn specifically for the American superhero comics market, colored by J. D. Smith. Asamiya’s processed artwork works well with Image-style computer coloring, but the story is as vapid as the original, and stopped in midstory due to low sales. After being published in America, the book was later reprinted in two volumes in Japan.


            • Haruka Takachiho (story), Fujihiko Hosono (art) • Studio Ironcat (2000) • Asahi Sonorama (Manga Shônen, 1979–1983) • 1 volume • Shônen, Science Fiction, Adventure • Unrated/All Ages (violence)

            Interplanetary heroes-for-hire in tight white trousers who solve problems for a price, the Crushers are the other classic creation by Dirty Pair creator Haruka Takachiho. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s animation character designs for the 1983 Crusher Joe movie are ably re-created in “Attack on titan manga online” the first story of this anime tie-in comic, but artist Fujihiko Hosono’s art style for the other two stories in Ironcat’s compilation, created before the animation and based only on the novel illustrations, are different enough to make a reader wonder if they’re even by the same artist (they are). The action and technology are well executed, if old-fashioned in the 1970s school of space tech, but the stories are very dependent on the reader’s foreknowledge of the Crusher Joe universe, and feel thin on their own.