Male Monster and Female Monster

Monster Musume features both girls and guys monster, but as it is a show intended for the male audience, you do not see the male monsters that often. If you prefer hot guy monster, check out our site Readterest. These monsters were created based mostly on human, they were just some alien characteristics added to the human world as we are living in right now. In the first book, the author has gone out of his way to introduce this world to us, with the appearance of an idol group (of course all of the members are monstered humans), and you know what, they are called the ANM48 (which is a throwback to the real life idol group AKB48, if you did not figure out). The whole manga and its extension also go by this basic: the assembled conglomeration ò the cultures of humans and the supposed monsters. 

At first, I was quite disappointed to know that Monster Musume was gradually changed into a harem show (harem is where one character will be surrounded by a lot of love interests), and the author did no attempt to make it distinguished from other harem manga on the market. Oyakado original works were much more than that, it has the slice of life quality to its fantasy, which was exactly what I wanted to see. Since it is slice of life, adventure and fantasy we are talking about here, do you think Game of thrones summary is a good combination? Eventually, the manga still won me over with the depth of the monster cast, and around the way it has won itself a fandom, too. But the anime with its harems cast is another story, if you are not into a harem (like me), then it may not appeal to you. But many people still like it, which is cool.