How to Make Friendship With a Hippie

Feel groovy. Start with the music that rocked a generation. Hitchhike down to your local record store (or truck on over to eBay) and pick up the record of three days of love and music that defined the high point of hippiedom: Woodstock.

Listen to Jimi Hendrix and his inimitable interpretation of Star Spangled Banner, Joe Cocker getting by with just a little assistance from his pals, as well as the ever -popular Fish Cheer from the Fish and Country Joe.


To get a truly legitimate Woodstock experience, listen to it in the rain. In the mud. Nude, with buddies.

While Woodstock has a few of the best performances and memorable songs of the sixties, don't neglect other music of the age as you develop your hippie cred. (Truly, hippies never used the word "cred.") Groove to some of these other great artist that patted on the toes of the Greatest Generation: Bob Dylan. There is a dichotomy here, one you have to solve yourself. Would you go with Electric Bob, or Acoustic Bob? Either way, Mr. Dylan is one of the essential factors in any hippie repertoire.

The Beatles.

Jefferson Airplane. Before the watered-down, glitzed-up popsters that were Jefferson Starship, Jefferson Airplane gave us somebody to love, and took us down a rabbit hole. The Grateful Dead. In the event that you don't understand the Dead, then you just do not understand the meaning of the word "hippie." These guys gave birth to an entire genre referred to as the "jam band," exemplified by bands like Phish, String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic (actually, The Allman Brothers Band gave birth to Panic). They also had an entire volume of jam band jokes, like "Why do Deadheads wave their hands in front of their face when they dance? And so the music does not get in their eyes!"


Janis Joplin. When there is an archetypal "hippie girl," it will have to be Janis. Of course, she'd her hair, her beads, and her crazy -abandon ways, and she also had a voice that could sear, soar, cajole, and stun with its power.

While there are far too many superb hippie groups to list separately, you must become familiar with Crosby, Stills, and Nash (with and without Neil Young); Joni Mitchell; Judy Collins; Sly and the Family Stone; The Doors; Donovan; The Who; The Stones; The Byrds; Buffalo Springfield, and, arguably, Frank Zappa.

Play with it forward. The music afterward was just what a generation wanted. But time marches on, and there's amazing music being produced now that matches the ethos of peace, love, and comprehension. Enjoy it. Being a real hippie is all about openness and adopting what is not bad. So long as you are able to dance to it.

Get counter-cultured. Learn exactly how many of these folks got together, what their general morals and beliefs were, and where they came from. So much of the annals of hippie subculture can be found on the internet nowadays; possibly more than every other subculture. You can gain much insight to the Hippie subculture from seeing the first Woodstock film, "Celebration at Big Sur", "Monterey Pop", and so on. These are shown on Sundance and the Independent Film Channel, or you would possibly be capable of lease them from Netflix.

Browse the words of writers and the poets and other cultural touchstones that defined hippiedom:

Figure out how to howl, and browse the poetry of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

Don't forget to laugh at yourself, and the comedians. Unlike many hippies of the era, Mr. Carlin stuck to his beliefs throughout his life. You can connect with hippie singles online for a friendship