How to go to Kawasan falls from Osmea Peak

Kawasan falls is one of the best, most scenic and well sought after by tourists. Time after time, number of visitors remained consistent regardless if they are a non-local and foreign tourists or a local in the province. On the other hand, Osmena peak is another site that is very common to be a camping site to the locals, the landform also measures 1,000 meters to be approximate above sea level. The peak is another wonder in Cebu that had been longer than any local existed in the area. Both tourist spots are located in the south area of Cebu.

Questions like how to go to Kawasan falls from Osmena peak is a typical inquiry especially to first time visitors or random travelers. Travelers that are on a tight budget sometimes tend to explore the place themselves that would lead them to not be on track with their itinerary. Asking for help with local tourist guides is beneficial and would definitely save them a lot of time and make their stay in the place worthwhile. Moving on, going on foot or trekking is one way of traveling from the peak to the falls, other option include traveling via habal-habal or on a motorcycle. 

There are lots of travel agencies in Cebu that offer packages, you just need to find them online.