How to get to Kawasan Falls from Osmeña Peak

Cebu or the Queen city of the South is well-known to have one of the best beaches, marine eco-system and have the most scenic mountain ranges, waterfalls and natural landforms in the country. It is no wonder and not something to the locals safe-guarding the tourist spots that time after time, tourist visits increase by the moment. The province of Cebu takes pride of one of the highest mountains that it has, Osmena peak. It elevates up to 1,000 meters above sea level wherein there is an over view of Cebu’s rural side. And on the same page, Kawasan falls as one of the best and breath-taking falls most visited by travelers, even locals as well.

Foreign and non-locals of the place often ask, badian to osmeña peak. Local tourist guides are readily available to be of assistance to whoever is needing their service however, it more advisable that they (tourists) should be assisted by one of them. The place and the locals makes sure that they will be having the best time of their stay or during their tour so by providing safety, convenience and an itinerary for the day will definitely meet their expectations thus a possible come back to the place is highly to happen. The trek from point A to point B will be more than an hour by foot and such activity will get tourists understand more the place and appreciate their surroundings more.