Have More Fun and Be Happy

Happiness is an emotional or a mental state of comfort and safety that is defined by optimistic or pleasing emotions from great satisfaction to extreme joy. It is said that a happy mental condition could reflect judgments by an individual about their overall well-being. A diversity of psychological, biological, economic, philosophical, and religious methods have struggled to describe what happiness is and pinpoint its bases. There are several research groups which include happiness economics, and positive psychology is engaging the scientific technique to research inquiries on what "happiness" is, and how it could be achieved. 

The religious thinkers and philosophers usually describe happiness about having a good life or successful, rather than merely as a feeling. Happiness in this context is utilized to decode the Greek Eudaimonia and is still used in virtue ethics. 

At present, happiness is a vague concept and can mean many dissimilar things to a lot of people. In fact, part of the challenge of a science of happiness is to ascertain the different perceptions of happiness, and where applicable, divided them into their components. Interrelated concepts are the quality of life, well-being, and flourishing. There is at least one author defines happiness as contentment. 

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