Why You Need an EDC Flashlight

We’ve come a long way from the time when only handymen needed flashlights. You may have a utility flashlight inside your nightstand for home use, but an EDC (Everyday Carry) one can improve efficiency and survivability in several situations inside and outside your home. You may argue that a flashlight seems redundant in today’s world. What with a flashlight built right into your mobile phone, why do you need an actual one? The answer is simple. A tool dedicated for a certain task means that its features are more detailed and focused. Sure, you can use a mobile phone as a lighting tool for simple tasks, but what if the battery dies? Can you blind an attacker with it? Can it survive a beating after falling on a concrete floor? These, and more, are some reasons why you need an EDC flashlight and http://tacticalflashlightexpert.com/best-edc-flashlights/ will help you choosing the best one.

Having an EDC flashlight is a necessity during power outages. Most people, caught unprepared, usually just shake this off as a non-essential, and depend on emergency lighting. However, not all buildings follow building codes. When this happens and you’re stuck in the dark, wouldn’t you regret not getting a handy little light source that you probably wouldn’t feel is in your bag?

Another reason is bad weather. Though bad weather does not automatically equate to a power outage, having an EDC flashlight is useful in this type of situation sans the darkness. You can use it to check for obstructions that may be hard to see in a storm, or shine it on the ground to check for holes or puddles.

The third reason is security. If you live in the city, you definitely need an EDC flashlight. You might be thinking that it would not be your first weapon of choice in the event of a mugging, but let me convince you otherwise. A high lumen output (which basically means that it’s bright) can disorient an attacker for a few seconds, giving you enough time to either defend yourself (which can also be done by using the flashlight as a striking device) or run away. If you’re running in the dark, this could also be used to light your way and avoid anything that could slow you down or trip you up.

Lastly, if you’re the type who just stays at home, EDC flashlights are very handy around the house. Utility flashlights, which are typically bigger and more common, are usually stored in drawers that are hard to get to. Having an EDC flashlight on your person lets you do more things more quickly and efficiently.

Remember that phone flashlights use up battery life that could be used in more important tasks. It is also easily broken in the event of a scuffle or even by accident. An EDC flashlight is not only a survivalist tool, but a common man’s tool, too. Don’t leave home without one.