Why the iPhone 4 Costs So Much More to Repair?

Have you recently dropped your beloved iPhone 4 only to pick it up and find that your screen is shattered? You are not alone, the design of the iPhone 4 makes it 50% more breakable than its predecessor. You may have broken the screen on a previous model and had it repaired. We will discuss why the repair on this model is so much more expensive.

Since 2007, each model of the iPhone seemed to become more and more user-friendly on the repair approach until the recent release of the iPhone 4. The screen on the iPhone 4 is unique in its design and placement. You can visit http://www.ittekniker.no/ online to know more about iPhone repair services.

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The previous iPhone models were designed to have the screen come out of the casing with a simple suction device. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS also had the ability to remove the glass from the LCD.

The major cost increase comes from the inability to separate the glass from the LCD screen. The iPhone 4 combines the screen and LCD into one unit that is sealed at the factory. This is a major issue for repair, due to the fact that the parts required for the repair are much more expensive.