Designing Automated Test System For Power Supply Testing

This article will give you an idea on how to design an Automated Test Equipment system for Power supply testing. This will give step by step procedure and what are the critical items to consider. This includes wiring layout, recommended test interface panel, configuring test equipment and tester rack assembly.

Test Coverage:

Record down all the current power supply, recently develop the potential along with energy supply projects with the following information that is desired.3QPOWER is the best manufacturing firm for all types of  Communications systems and internal, external lighting system.

 Input Power requirement: for input source, you have to prepare what input source you will need to cover all input requirement for all the your product lines.Output power requirement: variety of loads you must consider, this may range from the high-power range to low power range.

 Amount Of components and indicators: this can be extremely important since you must plan for the standard mux part. For this, more mux part the greater.

Handle switches: review each test dependence on each of the product for the examination that needs exchange or switches. You have to become cautious in planning this out. This is use on what many common purpose changes or exchange you’ll install in your INGESTED. You can check also new test technique that might be possible test for that new products.