Luxury Real Estate Marketing worldwide

Luxury real estate marketing is becoming a worldwide sport. Understanding what is considered to be a luxury in multiple countries has become a requisite training for luxury real estate marketing professionals.

Like, what is regarded as being luxurious in Singapore, the sixth wealthiest place in the world? Its rapid economic development and favorable business environment changed a port city into a major metropolitan capital. In razing orchards and plantations to build an urban infrastructure and high-rises, the agricultural output in the country became non existent. Singapore can be a state that imports the overwhelming majority of its food (eggs will be the exception) and half its water. Today, home grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs are becoming the new luxury.  For more information about Singapore luxury real estate, check out online websites.

Greening up the concrete façade of town began using the chefs of the luxurious accommodations such as the Fairmont along with the Four Seasons, who have been unsatisfied with the imported organic fare. These chefs began expanding plant gardens on the rooftops. This enhanced to expanding bell peppers, chilies, banana trees and much more.

In a nation proud of a those who value range in gourmet fare along with its gastronomic history, this trend of homegrown produce has become extremely importance to carry on its dominance like a culinary capital. Because it comes with an impression of lowering greenhouse emissions using organic produce is also beneficial to the surroundings. Today, Singapore’s federal government is promoting people to develop their vegetables on the roofs, or take part in community gardens.