The Highlights In Terriers Characteristics

If you are planning on adopting a Terrier, read on as we have compiled a list of the highlights in his personality below.

– Terriers enjoy digging, and they can make quite big holes in a short period of time. It is easier to train a dog to dig in an area that you will not find annoying than make him stop the digging habit at all.

– Terriers should be adopted in a house with a securely fenced yard so that they can have the space to play and burn off their big source of energy. Advanced devices that may work for other dogs, like underground electronic fencing, may not work for him – a special case. Terriers are known to have the ability to climb trees or fences that are made of chain links to escape. This is something they are good at, escaping. Therefore, their time outdoor must be supervised by adults.

– He accepts no less than best dry dog food for Pitbull.

– Terriers are not suited for first time owners or owners with timid personalities, these people are recommended to adopt other kinds of dogs. For these types of owners, a terrier can be quite challenging, it can be applied for even experienced owners as these dogs are really strong willed, and he needs firm structure and consistent training. 

– They are barkers, which means they bark a lot. It is from their nature, which means it will take a lot of time, effort, expertise and best dry dog food to training him not to bark inappropriate time. Therefore he is not in the best breed for apartment life: you can bother you neighbors with his barks.

– He has this serious problem of being very aggressive to other dogs if he is not taught to get along with those of his kinds when he was young. Even to bigger and more intimidating dogs, he will not back down.