How to groom your dog

Dog grooming is not only for high price dogs joined in shows. It's the welfare of the dog is what responsible, caring and loving pet owners do. This is achieved through regular cutting. Trimming your puppy also allows you to assess if your pet has parasites skin problems which need veterinary help. Get the proper equipment to make your dog grooming experience easier from

Must I groom my puppy regularly?

The pet dogs that need more time to clean are the long-haired coats breed instead of the short haired. You need to schedule to clean the puppy twice in a week for the very long haired ones and at least once weekly for lesser haired canines.

Things to Prepare

Among the most common trimming activities you do to your canine are bathing, brushing for their hair, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and also nails trimming. These tasks require the perfect tools.

There are lots of varieties of slicker brush and toothed comb available in the market, so ensure you buy the ones with top quality. Never mind the price so long as these are long lasting.

Prepare a standard pet shampoo and sharp nail clippers. For canines that have curly, long or wiry coats, make use of conditioner to sustain a soft and shiny coat.

Toothpaste and ear cleaner for puppy use functions are crucial collections you should have. You could get puppy toothbrushes, but your finger is a perfectly good substitute.

It’s inescapable to get wet when bathing for your puppy so wear a safety gear or ready to wet clothing.

How canine grooming is performed?

Have all your equipments at hand and ready for when you start. Check how you'll use your pet shampoo and if you need to dilute it base on the instructions.

Give your canine some gentle combing. Some mats may not be combed out gently. In this instance, you need to cut them out but in a mindful way.

Next, apply some dog toothpaste on your finger and clean your dog’s teeth with it.

Use a cotton ball to apply the ear cleaning agent. Avoid cleaning way too deep into the ear and just clean the outer surface.

Get the dog’s nails clipped. Be very careful to avoid the quick – which is a blood vessel that runs through the middle of their nail. This part can be seen as the pink line on the nails which is clearer if your dog has a light nail. If the blood vessel is invisible, ensure you only clip a little amount carefully and slowly.

Prepare warm water when bathing your pet. If you'd like to bathe your puppy thoroughly, make use of a shower attachment. If you have wet your puppy thoroughly, apply the shampoo based on the instructions on the bottle. Once finished, rinse thoroughly.

Rub your pet with a towel to dry her. A hairdryer or a blower could be used to dry the wet part of the canine. Be sure that you know how to use it as you might set it to a high temperature.

The most important of all, REWARD, praise or cuddle your canine. Express how you appreciate her cooperation in the cleaning process. If you want to find out more advice from the pros, then read the articles from