Printing A Full-Sized Draft Of A Poster Through Tile Printing

When looking through a computer, it is a hard thing to get a firm grasp of how a poster will look when it is printed full size. The tile printing format allows one to print a design that is larger than the original dimension. This is done through printing out parts of the drawing on multiple sheets of paper. The papers are then pieced together to create a complete drawing at the specified scale.

Tile printing can be done using printers. Some printers can tile directly using the printer. This is achieved through these steps: choosing file, print, picking printer, and then clicking on the properties. Checking the settings is essential for it will allow printing of tiled output directly from PowerPoint. Tile printing an also be done using Adobe Acrobat. This is done through the following steps: Creating a PDF from the PowerPoint file, choosing ‘file’ print. Finally, under the Page Scaling, the option of Tile All Pages should be selected. When using Excel, the output may not be of high quality document. However, it has fewer steps. All is needed is to open PowerPoint and save the document with a .PNG extension. Other options may include Google ‘tiled printing’ or related terms.