Finding A Personal Injury Attorney in Miami

The day you were injured you entered a war zone. Insurance companies have declared war on injured people and their attorneys. Some of them write letters to claimants to discourage them from seeking legal representation.  Contact our miami personal injury attorney to find out how we can help you. They have waged the war in the media and their propaganda has had a tremendous effect on juries and their verdicts. The success that the insurance companies have had in tainting the minds of jurors has emboldened them to not offer fair settlements until you prove to them that you are ready, willing and able to go to trial.

In most cases today, attempting to negotiate with the insurance company before filing suit is not a worthwhile endeavor. Insurance companies use pre-suit negotiation only to attempt to find out as much about you, your lawyer and your doctor as they can. A former State Farm insurance company adjuster has described the extent to which that company will allegedly go to deny claims. It is our opinion that too many lawyers waste precious time attempting to negotiate with the insurance company before filing suit. If we accept your case it is because we believe it is meritorious and you deserve a trial by jury. We will usually file your suit before negotiating so that if negotiations break down we will already have a trial date in place to head towards.