Ways to Streamline Your Basement Remodeling Costs

The American people spend $215 billion each year fixing up their homes with basement remodels being among those at the top of the list. People are looking for ways to expand their living space without having to buy a new house.

Many times it isn't feasible to build in another room, because of space or financial restrictions, so the only way to find the additional space they're looking for is by utilizing the basement space under their homes if they're lucky enough to have any.

It's estimated that 36% of all American homes have no basements at all which means the other 68% of homeowners do have cellars they could renovate and convert into living space. You can check various project on Basement Remodeling online and get some valuable ideas.

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Of course, if you are one of the people who is contemplating a basement remodel because it seems to be the least expensive choice, you might be wondering what it is going to cost you to remodel your basement space.

In the annual report of "Remodeling World" magazine back in 2005, the price put on a basement remodel, which included a mid-sized family room but no bath, was slightly less than $137 per square foot.

This figure is roughly $100 less per square foot than it would cost to build a room addition onto a house. After all, the cellar space is already there and just needs fixing up. You can also read here more about the remodeling project and there estimate cost.

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It's no wonder that thrifty homeowners are choosing to finish off their basements rather than adding on to their homes in other ways. After all, the majority are looking for ways to get the added space they need without spending a whole lot of money.

As you may know, building materials are quite expensive in this day in age, so there is no such thing as an inexpensive basement remodel.

However, there are corners you can cut in order to get the beautiful space you want without breaking the bank.

Buying materials from salvage yards and lumber liquidators might be two options when purchasing the items you need. Doing the majority of the work yourself is another big money saver.