The Pro’s and Con’s Of Making Friends Online

On-Line friendships are not bad but one should be attentive and never lose themselves in the computer plus one needs to ensure that you not replace their real life friends with friends that are online.

Gurus of online friendship are :- 1) One can befriend folks from different states,countries and learn about their culture and lifestyle. 3) One can require their own time to answer plus they are easily able to stop the conversation if they are uncomfortable with the man they can be speaking to. 4)One can find out about the other person through their user profile if one other person loves to update about themselves online. 5)And if it is around dating online then -Attraction could be based more on character than their looks.

Cons of online friendship are :- 1)Deficiency of body language can lead to misunderstanding because emoticons do not always help. 2)To prevent miscommunication one needs to be cautious of what it is that they say. 3)A on-line pal can vanish overnight. One may never know who they are talking to and so providing an excessive amount of information about oneself can be extremely dangerous and hazardous. 4)One consistently need to be careful and not let their guards down. It will probably not be easy to achieve this because camaraderie itself is about sharing and trust and in case you really have to be careful then I'm unsure how much significant this camaraderie is going to be. This could be very dangerous and it will not be a wholesome way of living. Neither is it planning to be good for nor mental health and one's physical health.