Intricate Custom Moulding and Mill-work

We are one of the best industries providing complete column, railing, and custom moulding products at affordable price. We not only manufacture exterior trims but also, interior custom mouldings. There are hundreds of options available to choose from, you can go for either contemporary, classic, or historic look. You can either select from a variety of designs given in the profile or give your own designs. We assure you that are machines exactly reproduce the moulding designs provided. Thus, you can create your own distinct, unique and exclusive design that will meet your taste and style. We put life to your ideas creating exotic pieces.

Features of custom moulding

• We are proud of our customer oriented superior services available at very competitive prices

• We ensure timely delivery of the product and ascertain great profit.

• Our experienced craftsmen create beautiful custom moulding, louvers, brackets, gable decorations and several other products according to the requirements of the customers.

• Our buffing and priming machines produce finished mouldings with any co lour of paint on any kind of wood of your choice. There are a variety of wood options to select from such as maple, pine, mahogany, and cherry.

• We provide only high quality graded wood. Our products are strong, durable, and lightweight moulded in intricate designs and shapes.

Working of custom moulding

The production begins with rough timber that is planed and then ripped using highly efficient computerized saw. Computers are used to design CAD drawing of custom moulding which is then approved by the client. After the client approves the drawing a moulding template is created that is then crafted into the customized design with the help of steel knives. Thus, producing exact copy of the design. This process facilitates exact reproduction of the designs for restoration in a cost effective and timely manner.