Buying Guide For Air Purifiers

In today’s world cost cutting is no longer a choice but a necessity we do quite a few things to make this possible. As far as our homes are concerned, we take lot of care to keep the windows shut properly and spend some bit of money in keeping the insulation in good quality at all points of time. However, the question which often comes to our mind is whether we will be able to protect the inmates of the home from the bad effects of the air which we breathe. We often fail to take notice of it and end up spending lot of money in treating various types of breathing disorders, skin allergies, eye problems and regular bouts of cough, cold and sneezing. Therefore, investing a few hundred dollars on quality air cleaning machine  could most certainly make a big difference. But since we do not have much knowledge about the same we often do not know how to go about it. Here is a simple yet effective guide which could help us in buying the right purifier or cleaner for keeping the indoor air clean and breathable.


  • If you are growing pets in your homes, it goes without saying that you will have problems related to dander and pet hair. In spite of best vacuuming, unless you buy a good air purifier you will not be able to overcome this problem.
  • You should also think of using an air filter if you are staying in an industrial area where there is increased pollution from factories. Some of the worst forms of bronchial diseases occur inside homes which are situated close to such industries and factories.
  • If you have smokers in your home, it is high to either ask the person to give up smoking or install a suitable air purifier for smoke removal as well as filtering the bad odor and smell which could cause breathing and other problems.