Tips to keep weight off during hollidays

                How to survive holidays without gaining any weight?  Many people at this time of year must be stressing as major holidays are coming near.  This time of the year is most enjoyable and stressful at the same time.  The stress of getting that perfect gift for your friends and family, the stress of preparing for dinners and many other things.  At the same time this is the time of year where we get to see many of our family and enjoy time with them.  I will share few ideas on how not to gain weight on holidays but you can get more details at my lose fat Nashville blog. 

                People normally tend to eat lot on holidays.  Which is good because you are enjoying your time with family and being grateful to god for the life you have.  People end up eating lot of sugars and processed food in process.  Try to avoid sugar and process food much as possible.  If you do cook big meal for family, try to keep that meal for lunch or late lunch time so your body has time to digest that food.  Having late dinner and then going to cause you to gain weight.  This simple changes will help you keep extra weight off.