High Myopia – What Causes Myopia?

High Myopia & The Ophthalmic Industry

You see, once you ask for your explanation of your high myopia and go to an optometrist or eye surgeon, they generally tell you that the contact is formed too steeply, so you have to wear glasses or undertake surgery. Therefore, I am wondering, should we trust them blindly, simply because they analyzed for quite some time, or should we perhaps get a second opinion?

Not because they were poor people, but because it did not fit the catholic church and it’s interesting to hear science.¬†You can also browse online resources to get more details on excimer laser surgery.

Theories Concerning The Causes Of Myopia

However the ophthalmic business, just like the catholic church a number of generations back, has interests thatnot encourage them to show students the facts. At universities they still teach a concept about vision conditions that was founded by German physicist Hermann Helmholtz, as opposed to the a lot more precise and modern concept of one of their own, ophthalmologist Dr William Bates.

Therefore the reason your eyes get worse and worse with cups over time has to do using the total industry subscribing to the wrong concept. Should they were right and associates cups, or eye surgery would truly boost your vision and not just be a crutch, would not you get weaker and weaker glasses given, until they’re gone?