Good and Bad Post Workout Pain

We see a lot of people at my chiropractic office from different gyms in the area.  It’s usually people just overdoing it or maybe they lifted wrong.  We usually try to help them differentiate what is an injury and what is just from soreness before we decide on what treatment to give them.

People expect to be sore from a good, intense workout.  But there are a couple different types of sore.  There is your typical muscle soreness, which everyone has experienced at one time or another.  This is due to stressing the muscle beyond its usual workload.  Some refer to it as “breaking down” the muscle so it can build back up stronger.  Others say it’s due to a stretch of the fascial tissue surrounding the muscle because of the fluid pumped into the muscle during the workout causing the muscle to expand (or pump).  This kind of soreness can be good.

The kind of soreness we worry about is one that first involves any kind of sharp pain.  Sharp pain is telling us that something in the body is not right.  If it happens during a workout, we worry about sprains or strains or even problems in the joints.  So if you experience soreness from a workout, welcome it.  If you get sharp pain during or after a workout, consider visiting for some advice on how to treat it.