Flouting Guidelines, Doctors Are Still Prescribing Opioid Painkillers For Back Pain

With a plethora of treatment options available for back pain, many doctors are still heavily relying on opioids, which is even against the new guidelines.

It has been found in the poll from Truven Health Analytics and Truven that many doctors are prescribing opioid painkillers to people as a treatment for back pain despite the fact that there are other effective treatment options available.

Opioid painkillers should only be prescribed if other treatment options that don’t include consumption of painkillers or any invasive treatment fail. Opioid painkillers have not shown any signs of relieving back pain and yet, doctors are prescribing it.

Their effectiveness is debatable, but one thing that experts are sure of is the risk of developing a dependence on these painkillers or getting addicted to these. Whether it is back pain or sciatica, painkillers are not effective. Check out what’s effective for treating sciatica at Back and Sciatica.

The survey found that over half of the respondents who had experienced back pain last year were able to treat it on their own. 58% of the respondents who developed back pain last year sought medical care. Out of those 58% respondents, 70% took help of a medical doctor. Doctors prescribed painkillers to 40% of those people.

Opioids are good when it comes to getting short-term relief from back pain, but we are not looking for short-term relief, right? We are looking for a life-long relief from back pain because the pain is debilitating and bars us from doing our day to day activities.

American College of Physicians (ACP) released new guidelines for the treatment of back pain, which are based on a consensus that most back pain disappears over time. What they suggested is that, trying massage, superficial heat, chiropractic care, acupuncture, skeletal muscle relaxants and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as the first line of treatment.

Further, they recommended that physicians should suggest physical therapy, exercises, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, progressive relaxation, tai chi and other treatment options. Get the best back massage at BackandSciatica Richmond.

It is when all these treatment options fail that opioid painkillers may be considered. Just jumping onto these painkillers without knowing how other treatment options would have performed is not the right thing.