Three Cool Quilting Tips Beginners Can Practise Today

Whether you a beginner or an experienced tailor, you will still need some hacks and tips on quilting. Widen your horizons using more information you can get as you do quilting projects. Here are the three cool quilting tips.

  • Practice with a scrap

Use a scrap or a piece of fabric first before quilting on your final material. It will let you see the stitches on how it will look like. It should be done especially by beginners to avoid ruining your delicate materials. Don’t use anything stretchy or knit materials for practice; the basic cotton will do. Fold the fabric into two layers to make your practice quilting easier.

  • Topstitching guide

Did you know that you can sew perfectly straight topstitching on materials without marking it? How can it be done? All you need with this hack is a masking tape. Put the masking tip long the material to sew, and it works as a topstitching guide that you can easily follow. Guide your stitches at the edge of the tape as you go along. Once you are done, remove the tape, and you will see a straight topstitch with no marks.

  • Sturdy with a zigzag

Using a zigzag stitch is a sturdier usually used when you want your material extra tight.  Prevent fray edges by quilting the edges with a zigzag stitch on your material. A zigzag stitch is best used in button holes and appliqué because it tends to stay longer and keep the materials together.

 You can visit if you want to know more cool quilting tips. To always make a perfect stitch on your material, always practice with a scrap. Using a masking tape is the best topstitching guide to leave no marks on your fabric. You can make your garments sturdier with a zigzag stitch.