Best Plagiarism Detection Tools for Educators

Let’s imagine that we live in a perfect world. In such world students would understand that education is for their benefit and would do their best to complete every paper and every assignment. However, every educator knows that this picture is far from the reality.

Unfortunately, today cheating is not an isolated incident. On the contrary, it is becoming more and more widespread. In one of the surveys among students, 1 out of 3 respondents said they used internet to plagiarize. This statistics means that teachers cannot ignore the problem and have to take counter-measures.

What is modern plagiarism

Actually, plagiarism is not a new phenomenon. In the past, many famous writers and great thinkers were accused of using other people’s work for their purposes. Today plagiarism is everywhere.

What do you have to do to copy this text? One second you are done. Thanks to technologies plagiarism today has become so simple that previous generations could hardly imagine.

Today, you can find any information on the web. Simple internet search can bring you thousands of documents on any subject. Copy-pasting the document you need is a matter of 6 plagiarism detector online services

There are many plagiarism detection services which are better suited for bloggers and businesses than for educators. Some of these tools still may be useful for you, but they are not the best option for education purposes.

Here are 6 plagiarism detection tools created with teachers and educators in mind. Some of them may available only for corporate usage, others can be used by anyone.

1. TurnItIn

TurnItIn is, by far, one of the most popular plagiarism detection tools available for educators today. It has a database of billions of papers and academic works and has been used to analyze millions of student works.

TurnItIn is available for educational institutions.The software is used by thousands of educational institutions in different countries. It shows what percentage of student work is unoriginal, what is in question and what the original source is.

TurnItIn is probably the number 1 option for teachers but it works only if your institution subscribes. If you are an individual teacher, there is no chance of getting access.

2. service is a popular plagiarism checker for students, teaches, writers, publishers, and site owners. It has a highly efficient scanning algorithm. The service is a great alternative to TurnItIn.


PlagiarismChecker was created by a teacher and for teachers. It is very simple to use although not as thorough as other plagiarism detection tools.

PlagiarismChecker is free. The tool searcher phrases from student work, not whole papers.

It will find the most obvious cases of plagiarism but, if original content comes from resources which are not available online, the tool will miss them.

4. Plagscan

Plagscan is another online check plagiarism tool. Student papers can be either copy pasted or uploaded for plagiarism detection.

Plagscan is available both for institutions (on a monthly subscription basis) and for individuals (bases on a number of pages scanned). It has billions of documents in its database.

It highlights plagiarized content and gives information about the original source. According to different tests, Plagscan is very effective. In some cases it found more cases of plagiarism than other tools for online plagiarism detection.

5. The Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism Checker was created by a college student who was very surprised to find out that the tool became very popular. It offers simple copy-and- paste function which allows to check student papers on the web.

The Plagiarism Checker has free and premium version. Premium users can not just copy paste text but also upload files. Details about its database are not available.

6. SafeAssign

SafeAssign is one of the services provided with Blackboard. It was meant to help students cite sources correctly, as well as to provide essay check service for teachers.

SafeAssign cannot be purchased by an individual. If your employer already uses Blackboard,

then you get access to this plagiarism detection online tool. If not, you will have to find some other service.