What Is The Difference Between Single And Duplicate Checks?

After opening a checking account at the bank of your choice, you can choose and select from varieties of checks. You can choose many things ranging from color to design. You will also have the option to choose whether you want the single checks or the duplicate checks. They are both used for the payment from your bank checking account. However, they have several differences. Here are some of the differences you need to know before deciding the one that suits you.

In record keeping, duplicate checks use both carbonless check and plain piece of paper. When one writes on the check, a duplicate is usually made on a plain paper under the original check. This helps in record keeping and you don’t have to use a checkbook register. On the other hand, single checks do not have the same feature as the duplicate checks. It only has checks where the user writes down the amount of dollars and the payees name in a checkbook register. You can have checks unlimited check designs done by a reputable company so that all your needs in checks can be catered for.

On the number of checks in a box, duplicate checks in a box are usually fewer compared to the single checks. The reason why single checks are many is because they are thinner and therefore many can fit in a box. The duplicate checks are thick and therefore only few fit in the box. Another difference is that duplicate checks are costly than the single checks.