Medtronic and Fitbit Teams up to Help Diabetics

Shortly, your Fitbit won’t only be monitoring how many steps you take — it will also keep tabs on your glucose levels. On Medtronic Tuesday and Fitbit declared a new venture that seeks to “ integrate health and action tracking for patients as well as their physicians and care teams For the very first time, Fitbit users will soon have the ability to make the most of Medtronic’s medical technology and gain invaluable insights into how their exercise regimens impact glucose levels, hopefully resulting in better management of the condition. Not to mention, it’s manifesting itself as an app — myLog.

“We believe observation glucose is an essential component in the control of diabetes and consequently, glucose must be included among other vital signs. Therefore, it's never been more vital that you increase the collaboration between health care and technology to simplify day-to-day diabetes management for the 29 million patients living with type 2 diabetes in the United States,” said Laura Stoltenberg, vice president and general manager of Non-Intensive Diabetes Treatments at Medtronic. By making a connection between glucose levels and physical action, our iPro2 myLog mobile program alternative provides insights and new tools, so that physicians can optimize treatment and patients can better understand how to manage their diabetes.”

Given Fitbit’s usefulness in tracking process, it seems just like a logical next step for the wearable to start tracking other wellness parts, especially to get a condition which requires such careful monitoring. Patients can log into their myLog mobile program to combine information generated by their Fitbit with Medtronic’s iPro2 professional CGM system, which will not only keep tabs on glucose levels, but in addition send information that was necessary to some health care team. This, Medtronic and Fitbit believe, will allow for beneficial dialogues around how better to handle diabetes.

“ By partnering with Medtronic, we are able enough to bring the energy of Fitbit ’s task that is automatic tracking jointly with continuous glucose monitoring, allowing patients and suppliers to own a dialogue that is more knowledgeable.” More details on the article can be found at health discussion forums