Mattress Comparison – Natural Latex Mattress And Memory Foam Mattress

An organic and organic and natural latex bed can last up to twenty-five years and it can reduce shoulder, neck and back pain and increase the quality of your rest. Lack of sleep has been associated with obesity; cardiovascular disease and low resistant response so never take too lightly the value of a good rest. You can go through to know regarding good and comfortable pillow.

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An organic and natural acrylic mattress will stop you from tossing and turning while trying to find a comfortable position because simply sleeping on a natural latex mattress is the reassurance of itself. You can choose from difference stiffness levels, like with recollection foam.

Natural latex is made from about 95% natural rubber. The recovery is curing and vulcanization factors like fatty chemical p soaps, sulfur, sodium, and zinc oxide. Any added chemicals are washed away in the final development process stages so you will receive a 00% natural rubber mattress.

The company that has busted the "Certified Organic Latex" barrier is Latex Organic found in Sri Lanka.

This kind of has taken years to accomplish. Latex Green got to isolate a huge part of their rubber shrub plantation and keep it free from any chemical substance pesticides and chemical manures for years until it was finally awarded the organic and natural documentation in both the US and EUROPEAN.

In addition, a part of the manufacturing herb had to become separated and kept sterile. This kind of was a major executing and large expense to pull this off but Latex Green's commitment to the earth and kinds of living conditions has been nothing in short supply of commendable and greatly valued by those of all of us who offer non-toxic rest solutions.