How To Do An Effective Line-Sheet?

There are many roles a store owner has and likewise, there are many roles a designer or wholesaler has. Surprisingly, one of the roles that overlap is their use of line sheets. Though their purposes are different when using them, their desire to have effective line sheets are typically the same.Both retailers and wholesalers benefit when using effective line sheets.

Unfortunately, not all line sheets are created equally and as a result, many retailers and wholesalers struggle to review them, often resulting in decreased sales, poor marketing presentation and time wasted.

You may also check to get the information about the effective line sheet. Based on countless conversations with successful retailers and wholesalers, their top three line sheet must haves are:

1. Line Sheets should be visually appealing, making them easier to read.

2. Line Sheets must offer detailed information in a concise format.

3. Line Sheets should have great images, preferably floating, without lifestyle details getting in the way of product.

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Visual Appeal

Line sheets can be a cluttered mess. There is a lot of information to sort through and images to match, so formatting these details can be overwhelming both mentally and visually. But visually, it’s an absolute must to get this format clean and crisp in appearance.

Details Matter

Without effective details, the visual layout means nothing. What to incorporate into the visual layout are necessary details that wholesalers and retailers alike need to know. This includes, but it not limited to, your product name, wholesale price, retail price, availability, size options, color options, style options and case pack details.

Image Impressions

First impressions leave lasting impressions. This isn’t a  surprise to anyone. Yet surprisingly enough, line sheet images aren’t always that great… though they should be. The images you use in your line sheets are often the first time a buyer has seen the product, so make sure the images look good. No – correction – make sure they look amazing.